Since 2008 AQUASYS Company deals with mining and processing stone, crushing it and then sorting. This way, we extended our previously provided services in the field of recycling construction waste crushing it and making reclaimable material, i.e. material suitable for secondary use in construction works.
For production of crushed stone and recycle we use mobile impact crushers with built-in two stage sorter, being one of the largest mobile crushers used in Central Europe. Crushed material, sorted in the built-in sorter, is consequently sorted in a three stage sorter with total screen area of 28 m². Thanks to modern technologies we are able to meet demands for required properties of products, high productivity and quality of sorting.

Our activities cover :DRCENI / RECYKLACE

  • Crushing of muck, including quarry rock, and secondary break up of oversize pieces
  • Production of grit rock 0/32, 0/63, 0/125 and non-standard sizes according to customer requirements
  • Production of gravel 32/63, 63/125 and non-standard sizes according to customer requirements
  • Production of crushed stone 0/4, 4/8, 8/16, 16/32 or according to customer requirements
  • Saving products in dumps, loading, loading and transportation of products to its destination according to customer requirements
  • Products in compliance with standards CSN EN 13 242 (aggregate for bound and unbound mixtures), 13 043 (aggregates for asphalt mixtures), 12 620 (concrete aggregates) and 13 450 (aggregates for railway ballast), depending on properties and quality of input materials
  • We are certified to perform mining activities
  • The offer complex solutions for drilling and blasting works, including projects

Crushing - Start of season 2011

This year's season, we started production of aggregates in a quarry on the block extraction.

Kompletní údržba GIPOKOMBI RC 130 FDR

Převezli jsme mobilní drtičku GIPO do našich dílen, kde provádíme kompletní údržbu.

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